Protecting Kids During Martial Arts Practice

If you’ve enrolled your kids in martial arts classes at a local studio, good for you! Martial arts are a fantastic way to engage kids in an active and healthy lifestyle with benefits across the board. The only concern, as in any other activity in which they participate, is their safety. When they come home from class and want to continue practicing, where are they going to do it? The family room or basement? No way – not safe. The answer is to create a space in your home with martial arts mats on the floor so they can show off their new forms and continue to practice in safety.

Our tatami finish martial arts mats come in single tiles or in packs so you can choose exactly what size area you want to cover and then order only that amount. For most kids, the practice area doesn’t have to be huge. A corner in the basement or maybe even the garage will suffice. And with 1″ of tatami finished EVA foam beneath them, you can rest assured that no matter where you put the mats, they’ll keep your kids safe and supported while they practice and play.

We do offer mats at 1/2″ and 3/4″ thickness as well, and these are preferred by more seasoned practitioners. But here’s the thing: if kids are involved, you need maximum padding. Injuries attributed to improper form are less common in kids than those resulting from practicing in spaces that aren’t properly outfitted for the martial arts. It’s just a risk you don’t have to take. The martial arts are safe and productive when practiced appropriately, so encourage your kids to continue to practice safely by creating that space at home.

Your martial arts mats will arrive quickly after you order them, so be prepared! Once the kids see the package, they’ll want to dive right in! And that’s ok, because the mats are so easy to assemble, the kids can actually help! The mats fit together with interlocking tabs, like pieces of a puzzle, so the kids can help install their own practice area easily. For wall-to-wall applications, some trimming may be necessary (best for an adult to do this), and for smaller applications, straight edge pieces lock on for a smooth, finished look. The application of carpet tape to the underside of the mats may help keep them in place even more securely. But from start to finish, your space will be ready for practice in a matter of minutes.

Encourage your kids in a lifetime of martial arts with a home practice area made of our Tatami finish martial arts mats. We’re sure you’re going to love them, and so will your kids!