Protecting the Kids Without Hovering

Adventurous boy

We’re coming to understand that overprotecting our kids is actually counterproductive. They need to take risks, explore their environments, and make discoveries on their own without the constant intervention and guidance of adults. But as parents, it’s hard to know where the lines are between good parenting and overprotective parenting. We’ve got an idea that will make it a little easier to let the kids grow independently and still be safe.When you go about the business of creating a play space in your home for the kids, no doubt you’re interested in making it a safe but engaging place for the kids to be. With some 3/8″ EVA foam mats on the floor, just about any space in your home can be a soft, supportive place for the kids to play. For smaller kids, you can get away with just a few interlocking mats. As they grow and their need to explore expands, you can easily add to the existing mats. A basement outfitted with some of our mats can become a warm, safe space for kids to play and grow. Wall-to-wall mats in the bedroom add color, texture, and a sense of well-being, knowing the little ones are free to roam and explore with that silent guardian angel beneath their feet.

Many families find there isn’t always a dedicated space in the house or apartment for play, and find that the family room becomes home to most of the toys and activity. Take a look at our wood grain foam mats and our carpet top mats. The faux wood grain and super-low pile carpet add warmth, class, and comfort to any family room or den. In fact, some of your guests might not realize your “wood floor” isn’t actually wood until they step on it! If the family room has to double as a playroom, why not make it look nice while making it functional?

We’d be more than happy to help you determine which mats and how many are right for your needs. Our customer service folks just can’t be beat when it comes to making you happy with your order. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us get started making the job of parenting just a wee bit easier!