Punch the Rainbow

Ok, you’ve heard “taste” the rainbow, but we’re talking martial arts mats here, and they’re now available in twelve colors (obviously more than the rainbow, so we did it even better!), so go ahead and Punch the Rainbow! Kick it, throw it, land on it, train on it, and win on it!

Traditional martial arts mats in practice and performance venues have been a two-color scheme, usually black or blue with red, or blue with yellow. The delineation is easy to see, and now we’ve made it even more fun. Take a look! But don’t worry; they’re still the same high-quality, tatami finished 3/4″ martial arts mats you know. They still assemble with interlocking tabs and are still super-solid and so padded even the kids can practice on them.

Why such colorful martial arts mats? Well, why not?! If we stuck with the traditional version of everything, you’ve be practicing on martial arts mats made out of rice straw and we’d be out of business! We’re confident the new colors will appeal to an even broader range of martial artists. You can choose a funky combination for your home practice area or check in with your studio – maybe they’d be interested in changing things up a bit to attract a larger population.

Regardless of the color of your We Sell Mats tatami finish martial arts mats, you’ll love the end result. You’ll have firm footing from which to master balance and launch attacks, you’ll have exactly the right amount of padding for the practice you choose, and you’ll have found an affordable solution that lets you extend the skills you learn at the studio right in your own home. And of course, color doesn’t matter. But you can always pick your favorite single color or combinations of colors for a really inviting effect. We’re confident you’ll even want to practice more often because your home martial arts practice area will be so cool. Pink and purple? Yellow and green? Black and gray? Mix away!