Put a Professional Quality MA Studio in Your Home

You look around the martial arts facility where you practice and think, “It would be so cool to have this at home.” Well, with We Sell Mats tatami-finish martial arts mats, at least the padded flooring can be had at home. And probably for a lot less than your studio paid!

Martial arts mats have several purposes. They are primarily meant to keep the martial artist safe and protected during training and competition. Our MA mats come in three different thicknesses and are sized for home use. The mats are 2’x2′ and can be ordered in 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ thicknesses. Why the difference? Glad you asked. If you’re used to the martial arts scene, you probably don’t require as much protection. You know how to land and roll so you don’t get hurt. The 1/2″ mats are probably the best choice for you. Now if you’re just starting out and think maybe a little more padding would be nice, go for the 3/4″ mat. It will protect you and still give you the feel of the hard floor beneath you for excellent balance. Now if you’re into some hard-core MA, or if children will be using the mats to practice, we suggest the 1″ thick mats. These offer the most protection without compromising balance. If you want to keep the kiddos safe and make sure you can still get up after a hard throw, thicker is better.

Another purpose martial arts mats embrace is helping the artist feel confident about her footing. Our mats have a tatami-like ribbed surface that allows feet and hands to grip securely for superior traction. All our martial arts mats have this surface (the back side is smooth), so that regardless of your skill level, you can count on solid footing.

Finally, our martial arts mats have one last purpose: to allow you to bring your studio training home and be able to continue your practice in your own space and on your own time. Here’s how it works. Find a space like a basement, extra room, maybe even part of a garage, where you have enough room to do what you want. Measure the space, then choose your colors and thickness. Once the mats arrive, you can install them in mere minutes because of their interlocking tab design. Finish the project with the straight edge pieces that are included for a truly professional look. If your not installing wall-to-wall, we suggest using carpet tape on the underside of the mats to prevent slipping.

You can have your practice studio right in your own home with professional quality martial arts mats from We Sell Mats. Not sure which ones to choose? For just the cost of shipping we’ll send you some samples. Give us a shout if you have any questions. Our customer service folks are the best in the business and they know their stuff!