Excited for the International Games

Does your young gymnast have a countdown calendar to the upcoming games?  The kids can get pretty excited, especially when their favorite sport is headlined. This is a great time to encourage your child’s love of gymnastics, to tap into all that excitement, and to channel it into some really fun play and practice time.

There’s no better way for kids to get excited than to join in the fun with their very own incline mat. The incline mat encourages creative play for little ones, helps with forward rolls and other control skills for those a bit older, and can help with back walkovers when the kids are a little more advanced. There’s pretty much no end to the fun that can be had with these mats. The incline looks waaaay too much like a ramp, so prepare for the inevitable use as one! But as your kids see their role models executing difficult routines and skills, you can encourage them to work at their own skills with their incline mat.

The incline mats are made for heavy-duty use. Face it, when you make something so inviting and fun, it’s going to see some serious action. That’s why it’s made with a solid foam core and covered in thick, durable 18 oz. vinyl. The stitching is of the highest quality, so you don’t need to be concerned about seams separating and the mat losing its integrity. The mats come in different sizes so you can get the right height, length, and width for your young gymnast’s needs. They fold up for easy storage and transport, and are lightweight enough that even the little ones can get them out on their own and set them up.

When the excitement is just too much to stand, haul out the incline mat and watch the resulting explosion of creativity and energy!