Re-flooring the Martial Arts Studio

Time to look for some new flooring for your martial arts studio? You’ve come to the right place. EVA foam martial arts mats makes the re-flooring process a snap.Floors where the practice of martial arts is performed must be thoughtfully prepared. The beginning student must have enough cushioning to break falls without injury – a beginner who gets hurt rarely wants to continue in the sport. But the advanced student needs a solid foundation beneath her feet, with just enough texture to grip. The solution is our EVA Martial Arts foam mats.¬†Our mats come in two thicknesses so you the beginner can have a little more cushioning, and the advanced practitioner can have a sturdy foundation.

Our mats are assembled in just a few minutes; no need to hire an expensive installer or pollute your studio with toxic adhesives. The mats have interlocking tabs, so they fit together easily, just like a puzzle (but they aren’t as confusing!). You can assemble them in whatever configuration you need. And if you need to change the configuration down the road, simply pull them up and place them where you want them to be. No durability or integrity is compromised when you move them – you can still count on them to last and last. And if you’ve got a competition somewhere, you can easily take the mats up and transport them. They’re lightweight and stackable.

The Tatami finish of our martial arts mats provides the aesthetic appeal that original grass tatami mats held, but of course foam mats have a little more give than grass! The finish also provides a more traction for a good grip, which any martial artist knows is essential for execution. And because the mats are easily cleaned with just a little water, they’ll always look brand new.

Our EVA martial arts mats offer the best cushioning and grip available on the market. Two available thicknesses ensure you get just what you need. The Tatami finish helps you stay in place for a solid start to any move. For the best appearance, simplest upkeep, and maximum cushioning and safety, have a look at our martial arts mats, then give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have. Your studio is ready for a makeover – do it right with EVA martial arts mats!