Retail Settings Need Mats!

Customers at grocery store

Flooring is one of those things that you want to be able to forget about in a retail or commercial situation – usually, if it’s drawing your attention, it’s because it’s doing something it isn’t supposed to be doing. Maybe it’s damaged, maybe it’s unattractive, or maybe it’s just killing your feet since you’ve been walking on it all day. Floor mats are a phenomenal solution to these kinds of issues. We’ve got plenty of options to allow you to forget about what’s beneath your toes for the day and focus on your business, whether that’s in a daycare, a warehouse, a garage, or anywhere else.Our heavy duty mats are probably the most popular of our mats for warehouse and garage environments. They’re made of a dense PVC that allows them to withstand a greater deal of abuse and weight than most other types of flooring while still coming in the interlocking style of the EVA mats, which allows individual tiles to be replaced quickly, simply, and affordably if they take a little more damage than they should. That saves you the cost of repairing your floors which can cost a ton of time, money and energy, not to mention the loss of that workspace in the meantime.

For salons, daycare facilities, and check-out areas in stores, take a look at our wood grain mats. Our best-sellers, these mats appeal to the eye as well as the feet. Their anti-fatigue super powers will leave you feeling energized at the end of the day as well as the beginning. They’re easily cleaned with a broom, maybe a mop with some mild detergent in some water, and they dry quickly, which makes them perfect for areas like daycare facilities that need to be constantly cleaned.

Not only are floor mats an excellent option for keeping yourself comfortable and your retail workspace attractive, they’re actually a great way to protect the floors of the property you’re using. If it ever comes time to sell the building, you’ll be glad you had floor mats. Until then, your feet will thank you for the extra cushion, your floors will appreciate the extra protection (and cleanliness – the mats are chemically resistant so they can handle both spills and cleaning chemicals), and you’ll be able to come home from work with just a little more energy each day. And that’s valuable in any business!