Returning to Yoga

When you’ve not spent enough time on your yoga mat, what motivates you to return? Stiffness, weakness, fatigue? No matter the reason that compels you to return to yoga, having a yoga mat that welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable is a great way to kick-start your return to the practice.

It’s been said that the yoga mat life is one that is grounded, peaceful, challenging, and fulfilling. How many things can you say that about? And if you’ve been missing those things for various reasons, isn’t it time to get back on the yoga mat and seek some peace? We’re here to help. Our yoga mats are sized, textured, and weighted to suit whatever kind of yoga you’re returning to. If an injury or illness has prevented your practice, perhaps purchasing a thick yoga mat will make your return more comfortable. Our 6mm mats are the equivalent thickness of two standard mats, so when the instructor tells you to double up your mat for more cushioning on your knees or elbows, you won’t have to do it. You’re already there.

If you’re ready to get back on the yoga mat with gusto and determination, our 5mm yoga mats are ready to go with you. And if you’re just wanting a little something between you and the floor, our 3mm printed yoga mats are plenty. They’re the lightest weight of all our mats, so they’re easy to roll up and take to class. And all our yoga mats are easy to care for, so you don’t have to be concerned with maintenance. Just focus on getting your mind and your body back in the game.

Yoga mats play a crucial role in the practice of yoga. They’re not just an accessory. They make you more comfortable, allow you to practice without the fear of slipping, and some can even wick moisture away from your hands and feet to give you the best traction possible. And that’s not nothin’. Return to your practice with a little motivator like a new yoga mat and find that self-confidence that comes with a regular practice.