Ruling the Play Room

While the kids are on break from school, it may seem that the play room has expanded like Mordor, but with a few EVA foam play mats, you can reclaim your Shire and keep the toys where they’re supposed to be. No Ring required.

EVA foam play mats are easy to install over just about any hard surface and they stay in place without nagging, unlike the toys that inhabit their surface. Choose your thickness and color, then when the mats arrive, shovel the toys out of the way, lay the mats down and connect them with their interlocking tabs, finish with the straight edge pieces, and let the play begin again. It only takes a few minutes, maybe more, if you let the kids help put them together (which isn’t such a bad idea…ownership, and all…). You’ll have provided a soft, comfortable, and colorful space for the kids to call their own, and with any luck, cleanup will be an easier task to conquer.

For the littlest ones in the family, ABC/123 play mats are an easy choice to make. With letters, numbers, or just plain color, the mats can cover anywhere from 24 to 36 square feet of space with fun, comfortable padding that appeals to the kids’ imaginative style of play. These non-toxic play mats are even comfortable enough that the grandparents can feel ok getting down on the mats to play with the kids. When those inevitable spills occur, you can simply wipe off the mats, clean them with a little mild detergent in water, and let them air dry. If you need to relocate the play space, just pull the mats up and reconfigure on another hard surface.

Older kids might appreciate choosing colors of our multi-purpose mats to create some cool patterns for their play space. With over a dozen colors to choose from, you can find the color combination that appeals to your kids and to your own decor tastes. If you need the space to blend in with an existing decor, you might want to consider some wood grain or carpet topped mats.

Kids will play anywhere, as you well know, but you can keep a handle on the sprawl with some EVA foam play mats. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you, and if you have any questions, just give our customer service folks a call. They’re the best in the business and will go above and beyond to make sure you and your kids are satisfied and happy with your play mat purchase!