Serious Flooring for Heavy Duty Applications

black pvc floor mat

Our interlocking heavy duty PVC tiles are the toughest and most resilient tiles we can offer. Made from 100% PVC, these tiles are the best covering for garage and warehouse floors, clinics, schools, and even community centers. Because they are resistant to just about anything you can spill, drop, or leak on them, they will keep their professional appearance for years. This is the last flooring application you might buy for a long time!!You might think that because these tiles are top performers that they would require special professional installation. But We Sell Mats knows that to be the best product available, the mats need to be easy to install and maintain. the interlocking tabs that make all our other mats so easy to install yourself are no different than the tabs on the PVC mats. Simply press them together for a tight fit that won’t budge, even when you move heavy equipment on it. And because the tiles are made from PVC, they are water and chemical resistant, so they’re very easy to clean. In fact, we recommend that after sweeping the tiles, you use just a little water, some mild detergent, and a mop to keep the tiles in the best shape.

Because the tiles are easy to install, they are just as easy to take up and rearrange, should the need arise. If a tile becomes damaged, you can simply replace it with another – no need to replace the whole floor! Their modular design makes these tiles the most versatile and long-lasting flooring application you can buy. And our outstanding customer service will make purchasing these amazing mats a truly enjoyable experience – in fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be so satisfied with our product and our service that you’ll buy from us again. That’s our goal: provide the best product and the best service to keep our friends happy and coming back.

When your needs demand a heavy duty solution, think We Sell Mats PVC!