Serious Flooring for Serious Play

Play areas in the home are one of the most popular applications of our floor mats. Children are one of the biggest hazards a floor mat might face (there’s a reason there’s a designated play area in the house…) but if you multiply the number of children and the amount of traffic through the area, like what you might find in a daycare, you know you’re going to need some intensely tough mats. Of course, we’re here to provide.That’s the beauty of our mats – they’re chemically resistant, so they can handle the heaviest cleaners you might need to use (though a little water is all we recommend), they’re tough and come in extra heavy-duty if you’ve got some especially hardcore munchkins you’re taking care of, and they’re easily installed with interlocking tiles, so if somebody leaves, say, a rhinoceros with their child and somehow manages to damage one of the mats, they’re easy and affordable to switch out.

EVA foam is tough – it’s been tested in play area environments, and it works. It keeps the little ones safe from a scrape with the hard floor, and it keeps the floor safe from a scrape with the little ones, which means no expensive replacement of original flooring no matter what gets thrown at it. Our mats will keep the area free from damage, keep the property value respectable, and keep the environment safe and comfortable. There are a lot of reasons floor mats are a good choice for the play area, whether it’s at home or in a commercial setting.

Our floor mats are built for play areas and many other applications, so if you’ve got questions, we’re happy to help you figure out the best solution for you. It’s a rare institution that can say they have expertise in floor mats, so believe us, we’re the best resource on the web for this sort of thing.