Set Up Your Trade Show Booth on the Beach

When EVA foam mats are the foundation for your trade show booth, you’ll feel like you’re walking on the beach instead of a hard concrete exhibition hall floor. No, we haven’t lost our marbles; EVA foam is the material your flip flops are made from, so when your whole trade show booth floor is covered in it, it’s just like strolling the shoreline in your favorite footwear!

Trade show booth flooring is an important component of your whole booth’s aesthetic, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. We’ve had customers completely transform the look and feel of their booth with EVA foam flooring, and you can do it, too. If you’ve got a great booth design and want to elevate the whole thing affordably and attractively, some color-coordinated multi-purpose mats might just be the thing. Choose one or more colors that complement your booth’s design, and bring the whole space together for a look that stands out at the next trade show. Wood grain EVA foam mats, though they look like real hardwood, are soft, inviting, and an absolute pleasure to stand and walk on when you’re working the venue. Even carpet-topped mats can change the look and feel of your booth with the warmth and comfort of a layer of premium commercial-style carpet over soft, anti-fatigue EVA foam.

Life is easy when you’re at the beach, and with EVA foam trade show booth flooring mats, the exhibition circuit can be just as easy. The mats connect to each other with puzzle-piece tabs, so installation takes mere minutes. Take them out of our convenient shoulder bag, connect them to each other, finish the edges with some finishing strips, and you’re all set. At the end of the day, you can sweep them off, repack them, and head home – kind of like you do with your beach blanket (except there’s no sunburn to contend with the next day!).

Trade shows can be hard, grueling work, but with EVA foam trade show booth flooring beneath you, you’ll feel more energized, comfortable, and confident. And that’s going to translate into a better trade show experience all around. Which means you can spend a little more time at the beach…