Setting Up a Home Martial Arts Studio

Man practicing karate with bag

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make if you’re committed to setting up a martial arts practice studio in your home: Where are you going to put it? How big should it be? Are you going to need special equipment? Who’s going to be using it? Even the most mundane detail will be important when the studio is finished, so paying attention in the planning stages will result in a finished product you can be happy with for years. 

Your home martial arts studio is going to see some workouts that no other fitness facility will see, and that’s why it needs to be set up with intention. You can’t exactly do a good marital arts workout in front of the bedroom mirror. The shag carpeting in the living room might be nice to walk on, but it’s not going to work for a round of BJJ. So where do you go? Lots of our customers like to put studios in either their basements or garages. They’re usually under-utilized spaces anyway, storing things that can easily be moved out of the way. And they are easy to modify into a space that will work nicely for a martial arts workout. The poured concrete floors handle the application of martial arts mats very well.

So how much of your basement or garage are you going to give up to set up your martial arts studio? Well, that depends on a few things. If you just want to workout with a bag or plan to practice alone, your space will be less than if you plan to practice high-intensity arts (maybe involving throws) or anything with a partner. So determine the type of workout first, then consider the possibility for expansion. It’s going to be easier to expand later if you factor that possibility into the original space into which you move. Fortunately, the expansion of your flooring mats is really easy with the interlocking tabs on our martial arts mats.

Finally, determining the size of the space is going to allow you to map out the kind of floor you’ll need and how much of it. Now, if you’ve been practicing martial arts for years and are comfortable and balanced on a 1/2″ mat, we’ve got you and your floor covered. If you’re a beginner or setting your space up for a child, we suggest the 3/4″ mats, just to be on the safe side. Both are Tatami finished, so they offer great grip and texture.

You’re on your way: you’ve mapped it out, planned for growth, and taken safety into consideration. Now just order your mats!!