Shopping a Trade Show

In her article “Walking a Trade Show – Thirty Helpful Planning Tips” ( Susan Friedmann instructs attendees of trade shows in all the ways you might expect: plan your visit; map the facility out so you know where you want to go; have a list of exhibitors handy and mark those who are priorities; have plenty of business cards available. But number 10 on her list is the one that caught our eye: wear comfortable shoes because walking around trade shows places stress on the feet and other joints, making you feel fatigued all over. We might add that a booth may just be a little more inviting if it looks like it could be a comfortable place to stand for a minute. If you’re tired and you have the choice to go to a display on the cold, hard concrete floor or to one with foam mats underfoot (is that – carpet??), your choice is clear.

A wholesaler who addresses the comfort of potential clients and buyers is one who is going to give you and your business the attention you need and deserve. Now then – how do you turn around and do that for your customers?

It’s quite easy: you provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere in which to peruse your products or services and to do that, you put soft, anti-fatigue flooring beneath their feet. Maybe you even put it behind the cash register so your clerks are comfortable, greeting each customer with a level of energy and comfort that might belie the hour of the day. Easily maintained flooring, perhaps in a faux wood grain,  makes a display or entrance intriguing and inviting. It makes aisles just comfortable enough that clients might linger a little longer. And that’s good for business.

Next time you’re at a trade show, take a look around for the sellers who’ve gone that extra mile to make you, the buyer, comfortable and welcomed. Those are the folks you want to do business with, and our guess is that they might even be sporting some of our EVA foam mats!