Shopping for the Best Martial Arts Mats?

Looking for some martial arts mats to make your studio or home practice area better suited to your needs? Look no further – We Sell Mats has a full line of mats in varying thicknesses and coverage area so you’re sure to get just what you want. Take a look!

Read some of the customer reviews of our Tatami finish martial arts mats and you’ll see why we claim to have just what you need. Our 2’x2′ mats come in three different thicknesses because not all martial arts or artists are created alike. If you’re a seasoned practitioner, you may be looking only for something to take the edge off. You like the sense of balance a minimal thickness offers and are skilled at taking falls and throws. Our 1/2″ mats are probably a good bet for you. If you want a little more padding, maybe for BJJ and other grappling arts, the 3/4″ might be a good choice. It offers a little more cushioning without compromising balance and stability. If kids are going to be involved, or you just want the security that comes with the maximum amount of padding, you can’t go wrong with our 1″ mats. When serious protection is your top priority, this is the mat for you.

If you’re looking to cover a large area, maybe our 2’x2′ tiles aren’t big enough; in that case, take a gander at our Jumbo martial arts mats. These 3/4″ thick mats measure 40″x40″ and will cover a larger area with fewer mats. Many professional studios use these mats in different color combinations to delineate practice and competition areas and to create a professional look. Regardless of the size mat you choose, they’re all easily installed – with no professional assistance required – by simply locking the tabs on each mat together. Some of our customers find it helpful to apply some carpet tape to the underside for added security and to ensure the mats won’t slip once they’re connected. This is a good idea if you’re doing high-impact martial arts.

All the mats clean easily with a broom or suction vacuum, and a little soapy water with a mop. The mats will air dry and be ready for your next session. And if a mat ever becomes damaged, you just replace it with a new mat – no need to replace the whole floor. That’s a bargain! Our customer service folks are ready and happy to help you determine which mats are the best for you and how many you need, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Helping you shop for the best martial arts mats is what we do best!