Silver Dumbbells

It’s Christmas everything, so to go along with your (silver) dumbbells (hear the tune?), of course we’re going to suggest some one-horse open fitness mats to go with them (horses not included). Seriously, what better way to get ready for over-eating and drinking than to get a head start on a New Year’s fitness routine?

Maybe one of the things that is dreaded about the holidays is the knowledge that self-control is going to go out the window, but with some new fitness mats, whether under your bench, ready for pilates, or set up for aerobics, you’ll enter the holiday season knowing you’re prepared to balance the calorie consumption with a great, comfortable workout. We’ve got fitness mats for everybody; get some for yourself, and while you’re at it, grab some for a workout buddy.

Our multi-purpose floor mats are the best addition to a home gym ever. They make floor work more comfortable, they protect your floors from the damage of heavy machines or free weights, and they make your home space look and feel like a motivating workout space. You’ll love being on the mats!

For folks who spend a lot of time stretching and doing floor work, our folding fitness mats make a great temporary workout space. The fitness mats fold in half for easy transportation or storage (got a nice little handle on it, too, to make it easy to move around). With up to a little over 2″ of padding, your workout will be supported, comfortable, and easily done no matter where you are. Folding fitness mats are great if your exercise space is limited. You can choose from different sizes depending on your space, then tuck them under the bed or couch for storage.

Make sure you look good in that elf costume you’re going to have to wear to the company party this year by firming up and slimming down on some top-quality fitness mats. And no matter how cold it gets outside, baby, you’ll have a cozy space to workout and listen to all the Christmas music you want.