Small Play Spaces That Really Work

Having a limited area in your home for a play space for kids can be a challenge, but with some soft, supportive EVA foam mats, you can define the space, keep it clean, and rest assured the kids are playing in a safe area. And when they grow a little, as kids are wont to do, the play space can grow and move with them. Now that’s a versatile play space!

You want your kids to have a safe space to play in, and with EVA foam mats beneath them, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve provided exactly that. Our ABC/123 play mats are 3/8″ thick, just right for preventing the bumps and bruises that come with childhood. They’re colorful, instructional, and even better, easily cleaned! For the youngest set, these make a contained, entertaining space on which to play safely.

Older kids love our solid color EVA foam mats. They can even help install them! The puzzle-like tabs on each mat make it easy to fit them together and the kids will have a great sense of accomplishment knowing they helped create their new play area. Crumbs and spills are no match for these mats, either. Sweep away the crumbs, soak up the spills, and clean them with nothing more than a little mild detergent and water. If a mat gets damaged, there’s no need to replace the whole floor – just order a single replacement tile and pop it into place!

If you’d like the play area to blend in with the grown-up space, consider our wood grain foam mats. These lend warmth and class to any room, and are just as easily installed and cared for. In fact, many of our customers have gone on to finish entire rooms in these mats because they look so inviting and feel wonderful underfoot.

If you only have a small space in the house for a play area, order a set of foam mats and you’ll feel like you’ve created a new room, one that gets used daily, and adds value and comfort to the place you call home.