Sneeze-free Fitness

In certain parts of the country, if you take your personal fitness mat outside to enjoy the warm air and sunshine, you may find you’re sneezing like crazy. And when you bring your fitness mat inside, the yellow film on it keeps you sneezing all day long. Here’s an idea: create a space in your home just large enough for your personal fitness mat, and keep it there until pollen season is over!

The great thing about our personal fitness mats is that they’re easily transported to wherever you want to take them: on vacation, outdoors, or even just to another room in your home. But having a dedicated space in your home to do your workout is a real motivator when it comes to sticking to a routine. Our personal exercise mats make that convenient and comfortable.

If you’re limited by space or only need a place to do some stationary floor work, our 2’x6′ mat will be perfect. It’s 2″ thick, so it can support any floor activity with just enough padding to take the edge off. If you have a little more room to spare, or if your workout needs a little more area to be effective, our 4’x8′ mat gives you greater width and length while still offering that 2″ of padding. Two inches is just enough to keep you comfortable without compromising stability. Now if your want to go all-in, take a look at our 4’x10′ mats. These super-sized personal fitness mats give you the room to do just about any workout with plenty of space and cushioning. All of our mats have heavy-duty handles so when you fold them up, you can haul them wherever you like.

Taking care of your personal fitness mat is about as easy as setting it up. If you sweat a lot, the heavy-duty vinyl covering is easy to clean with a rag and a little water. Let it dry, fold it up, and it will be ready for the next workout.

Personal fitness mats should fit your needs personally; that’s why they’re called “personal” fitness mats. Choose one today that will meet your needs while adapting to your space.