Soft, Safe Outdoor Play Spaces

It’s great to let the little ones play outside during beautiful weather, but how do you keep them from getting splinters from the wood deck or scraped knees (or worse) from the concrete patio? The solution isn’t to replace your deck or patio, but to cover it with soft, water-resistant EVA foam mats.

The application of EVA foam mats to any hard surface will obviously cushion them, but they can also make them more attractive, safer, and even inviting. Many of our customers use them on patios, in sunrooms, and even decks. While the sun can change the colors slightly, the resiliency of the mats will remain uncompromised. Since they’re water resistant, even a little rain won’t degrade the mats or make them less cushiony for your kids to play on. The surface of the mats is lightly textured, too, so slips will be minimized. Now you can let the kiddos play outside on a soft surface you won’t have to worry about.

For the really little ones, you can’t beat our ABC/123 mats. These colorful mats have the letters of the alphabet and single digit numbers in them so playtime can also be educational. Kids three years old and older will love the colors, learning shapes, letters, and numbers all while having a fun, safe playtime.

Our solid color EVA foam mats can be just as fun. Choose a couple of different colors to make patterns – heck, why not let the kids help you choose the color and pattern? They’re so easy to install the kids will have a blast helping you put the giant puzzle-piece mats together. And because they don’t need toxic adhesives to be installed, you might just discover the kids taking them apart to make forts, houses, and who knows what else. You can’t do that with other kinds of flooring!

EVA mats are the perfect solution to a safe, clean, outdoor play space on a hard surface. Minimize the skinned knees, splinters, and tears with EVA foam mats.