Standing for a Living

If you make your living on your feet every day, We Sell Mats would like to slip some soft, supportive EVA foam mats under your feet because we believe everyone should be comfortable in what they do.

If you have a business with cashiers standing in one place for entire shifts, they’ll think you’re the best employer in the world if you present them with a shock-absorbing, anti-fatigue EVA foam mat to stand on. Comfortable employees mean better customer service. And we should know. Our own customer service people are on these mat all day long!

So our mats are comfortable, supportive, and squishy, but they’re also ridiculously affordable. You aren’t required to buy them in packs but most folks do. For about $25 you can get 16 sq. feet of coverage! And the really cool thing is that they’re water-resistant and stain resistant. At the end of the day you can just sweep them off, and if they need a little mopping with some mild detergent in water, they’ll air dry quickly and won’t lose thickness or resiliency.

Where are our mats used in business? Well, aside from the retail setting, our mats are often used for trade shows, home offices, daycares, and physical therapy facilities. Depending on your business’ need, you can choose from either a classic wood grain finish, one or two solid colors to create a fun pattern, or even carpet top mats to add a feeling of a little extra warmth. The venues are endless for our mats – we even have customer reviews that mention using them as flooring for rabbit cages and dog training! Can’t say that about too many flooring applications!

We’d be happy to send you a sample of our mats so you can be sure you’re going to be satisfied with your order and final result. You can request a swatch of any tile right on our website, so head on over and choose what you’d like. For just the cost of shipping your samples will be on their way. And when they arrive, if you have any questions, just give our very comfortable (and knowledgable) customer service team a call. They’re the best, quite frankly, and we know you’ll be happy with your experience with We Sell Mats.