Stay Ahead on the Floor

If you are one of those small business owners who has found the value of setting up a booth at the trade show, you are already a step ahead of the competition. And we want to help keep you that way, so we have some floor mats for trade show booths that will improve the look and performance (yes, trade show booths perform!) of your booth with minimal investment and maximum outcome.

Our multi-purpose EVA foam trade show floor mats are going to make you actually look forward to the next trade show. Didn’t think that was possible, did you? Well, now it is, because you won’t have to haul a heavy roll of carpet around (it’s stained and gross anyway), your back and joints will be situated on anti-fatigue EVA foam (kiss those sore feet goodbye), and the colors and wood grain finishes of the floor mats will be the milkshake that brings all the customers to your booth. What’s not to look forward to?

Take a look at our Forest Floorâ„¢ trade show booth floor mats. Ok, they’re not just for trade show booths, but that’s part of what makes these guys a great choice. They’re so nice, you could put them in your bedroom or living room (many do) and people would think you had installed really high-end hardwood floors. When potential customers see this top-quality, classy floor in your trade show booth, they’ll know you’re serious. You may have some explaining to do, once they step onto what they thought was going to be hardwood flooring, but it’s going to be worth your time because you will have made that unique impression. And that’s what the trade show is all about.

If you want to have a little colorful fun with your trade show booth floor, try creating a pattern with two or more colors of our multi-purpose mats. Choose a couple that complement your business colors and then create a design or pattern to grab the eyes of your future customers. The mats, whether multi-purpose or wood grain, are so easy to care for you’ll wonder why you haven’t had them all along. Wipe up any spills, sweep off with a broom, and you’re done. That’s all that’s necessary to keep them in top-performing shape.

Staying ahead of the competition has never been easier than with anti-fatigue, easily maintained, and totally gorgeous EVA foam trade show mats in your booth. Choose the best ones for your business today, and in just a few days, you’ll have a brand new look for your next trade show.