Stay in Place with High Tack Yoga Mats

As the temperatures rise, you may find your hands and feet slipping a bit more during your yoga practice. That’s no way to achieve peace of mind and focus! You need a yoga mat that will wick moisture away from your hands and feet and provide you with unbeatable grip. And we’ve got just what you need to keep your balance: Dry-Grip yoga mats by Gaiam.

Not too many people know there is a big difference in the tack of yoga mats. What’s tack? It’s the feel of the mat, its ability to help you stay in place. Most standard 3mm yoga mats have no additional tack. But when you’re sweating a lot, maybe doing some hot yoga, or in a humid environment, a high tack yoga mat is the safest option. You don’t want to end up face down on the mat because your downward dog slipped at both ends. A high tack finish will wick moisture away from your hands and feet to help you stay in place.

Our Sol Dry-Grip 5mm mat is rubber free and comes with a finish that will keep you slip- and worry-free during your workout. Because it’s made with no rubber or the 6 dangerous “Ps”, those with latex or other sensitivities can be sure they’ll have a safe workout, too. No slipping, no allergic reaction – how’s that for a good start to your practice?

For even more padding and the same moisture-wicking capacity in a mat, our 8mm Sol Premium Dry-Grip mat is the way to go. This mat actually has a fabric-like texture for that secure, no-slip grip. You don’t want to worry about traction when your mind is at rest or focusing on a pose. The Premium mat will give you added cushioning and the no-worries grip you need.

Don’t let humidity or sweat throw you off balance – use a high tack yoga mat and stay put!