Stop the Creeping Infestation of Toys in Your Home

Does your child’s play area look like it needs the attention of the Red Cross or at least the entire state’s sanitation department? Good news: no need for the governor to declare your home a disaster area. The solution may be as simple as defining their play area with some soft, fun, EVA foam mats. No kidding.

Kids are attracted to fun play spaces (that’s why you find them under your bed sometimes), and nothing is more fun than a floor they get to help design and put together. You heard right. Our multi-purpose EVA foam mats are colorful and simple to put together. Here’s an idea: go to our website and pull up the multi-purpose mats and show your kids the colors available. Let them choose one or two (or more!) to make a fun pattern. Then when the mats arrive, let them help install them! They’re so easy! They look like giant puzzle pieces so the kids can easily pop them into place. Even the straight finished edge pieces connect the same way, so they can really put the finishing touches on their own space.

Now, we can’t guarantee the toys will stay put, but the sprawl should decrease as they discover how comfortable it is to play on their new play mats. It might still take an act of Congress to get them to put their toys away, but once they’re off the floor, cleaning will be a snap. You can sweep off the dust and debris (and cookie crumbs) with a broom or a suction-only vacuum. If the mats require a little mopping, just use some mild detergent in water. They’re water resistant which means spills won’t permanently stain the mats. And if one gets damaged, say from the stab of a Ninja sword, you can simply replace that single tile. The rest of the floor will be fine and you won’t have the cost of replacing an entire floor.

Kids are gonna make a mess, but the ace up your sleeve is a set of colorful, soft EVA foam mats.