Studio-Quality Martial Arts Mats at Home

Ever wish you could have the same martial arts mats in your home practice area as they do at your studio? (You know where this is going, right?) You can!! In fact, some of our clients are martial arts studio owners! That should speak for itself. Granted, they usually buy more than you’ll need for your home, but the quality is consistent throughout our martial arts mats.

Many studios purchase our 40″x40″ Jumbo martial arts mats. They get more coverage with fewer mats and get great stability and protection. The Jumbo mats are 3/4″ thick, so they’re the perfect balance between really feeling the floor and being super protected. They’d be great under a bag or if you’re covering a whole room wall-to-wall.

If you’re not into Jumbo, we’ve got our standard Tatami finish martial arts mats that are 2’x2′ and come in three thicknesses. If you’re not doing throws and only adults will be using the mats, the 1/2″ mats are great. They give you a great feeling of balance, the Tatami finish gives you superior traction, and the thickness is just enough to take the edge off your feet and joints. Many of our customers go with a single color at home because of limited space, but if you have enough room, you might think about getting a combination of colors that replicates the competition-style flooring at your studio.

When throws are involved in your practice, we recommend a little more thickness, like our 3/4″ and 1″ Tatami finish martial arts mats. You still get traction, and stability, but with a little more padding for the time you (or your opponent) will be hitting the ground. These are better choices if children are going to be involved on the mats, too.

Our martial arts mats are made to look like giant puzzle pieces which fit together for quick and easy installation wall-to-wall or in island configurations. When you’re not covering a whole room, we suggest the application of some carpet tape to the underside of the mats to prevent mat movement or slippage. So in a matter of minutes, you have a studio-style martial arts practice area all ready.

If you’re not sure which thickness is going to be best for you, let us send you some samples for just the cost of shipping. Hands-on is the best way to decide if you’re not sure. And we’ll be here to help you place your order, take care of any questions, and be ready to help if any problems arise. Studio-quality martial arts flooring is in your future!