Super-Size Me!

Our 2′ x 2′ martial arts mats are fantastic for covering a small area like a corner of the basement or a spot in the garage for your martial arts practice at home. But what if you have a larger area to cover – maybe a whole room or an entire martial arts studio? Cover more space with fewer tiles with our Jumbo Martial Arts Mats.

With Jumbo mats, you cover more area quickly and are still assured of 3/4″ of padding. These mats are 40″ x 40″ and have the same interlocking tabs that the smaller mats have. Simply lock them together, add carpet tape to the underside if you’re worried about slipping, and in no time, you’ll have your entire space covered.

Larger martial arts tiles mean fewer joints to be concerned about, and we all know the fewer points of connection, the stronger the surface. The mats come in competition style colors, too, so you can create the feel of a competition in your practice area or gym with multiple colors in designs of your own choosing. Should one of the tiles become damaged, simply replace that single tile. There’s no reason to replace the whole floor. You can order the Jumbo mats in packs or singly. Keeping the clean is easy, too. Sweep off debris or use a suction only vacuum (no brush), and mop with a little mild detergent in water. Let the mats air dry (it won’t take long), and they’ll be like new for your next session.

Jumbo mats are the best solution for a large space, but can also be cost effective in small areas. A mere four Jumbo mats together will give you over 36 sq ft of space to work in. Works great under a bag or if you’re working on forms. Each Jumbo tile comes with edge pieces to give the area a nice finished look. Whether wall-to-wall or island configuration, our Jumbo mats will look and perform great in your studio or home gym.