What Makes a Good Exercise Mat for P90X?

Looking for the right mat for an at-home exercise program like P90X®? In any workout environment, you want your flooring surface to deliver the right balance of shock absorption and stability. Our variety of high-density, anti-fatigue mats stand up well to the rigors of personal fitness.

EVA Foam anti-fatigue mats are an ideal flooring surface for high-intensity and high-impact workouts like P90X®.

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Trade Show Floor Mats: The Key to a Successful Show

There are few things a business owner looks forward to in their career more than standing for hours on end at a trade show. Or, at least we’re reasonably sure that’s how it works in some universe or another. In this one, however, we’ve got a solution or two to help make the trade show experience just a little less grueling. Continue reading “Trade Show Floor Mats: The Key to a Successful Show”

The Red Carpet Treatment

Everybody knows what red carpet is, right? It’s carpet that’s red. Well…more than that, it denotes something special, something important, usually a person. It appears that the first time a special red carpet was ever referenced was in the Greek play, Agememnon, written around 458 BC. King Agememnon comes home from the Trojan war and his wife (who’s got a thing going on the side) welcomes him home on a “crimson path.” He recognizes such luxury as being reserved for the gods and hesitates to use it himself. But it doesn’t matter, because his wife and her lover have conspired to have him killed. Lesson learned: when the wife rolls out the red carpet, RUN! Continue reading “The Red Carpet Treatment”