Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!

Starting your kids off on the glorious journey that is gymnastics is so simple: it all begins with some tumbling mats. From tumbling mats you can lead them on with an incline mat, maybe a balance beam, and even some skill shapes and trainers. Once they discover how much fun tumbling is and how much you encourage it, their path to an active lifestyle is off to a great start! Continue reading “Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!”

Making Room for Gymnastics at Home

Think you don’t have room at home for some tumbling mats or a good balance beam for your young tumbler or gymnast to use? We’re happy to report that only minimal space is actually necessary if you use our foldable tumbling mats and balance beams. The key is that these apparatus actually fold compactly and are designed to be stored out of sight when they’re not in use (which is almost never, if we’re honest…). Continue reading “Making Room for Gymnastics at Home”

The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment

Every young gymnast has a hero or role model to look up to, so wouldn’t you be the coolest parent in the world if you surprised your kid with some Nastia Liukin gymnastics equipment to use at home? It’s possible! We carry Nastia’s signature line of equipment from tumbling mats to balance beams, and even a preschool-sized training bar. Your tumbler will shriek with excitement when the package arrives; what a testament to your encouragement of their choice to participate in a truly great sport! Continue reading “The Role Model’s Gymnastics Equipment”

What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!

Are you doing cartwheels in the hallway because you’re so excited spring is here and your kids can finally play outside? We wouldn’t blame you. If you want to really motivate them to get outside to get the wiggles out, nothing will do it better than some gymnastics equipment they can use in the backyard. Continue reading “What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!”

Mad Skills

“I got mad beam skills,” your 5 year-old proudly says to her new gymnastics coach. Wouldn’t that be the coolest? One of those videos that goes viral, ’cause your kid is so adorable? We’ve got what you need to make it happen. We have balance beams for every size kid and every skill level. They’re affordable and won’t monopolize your living space. Too good to be true? Nope. Continue reading “Mad Skills”

Your Home Gymnastics Studio

Given how often your gymnast shows off her moves at home, it would probably be a good idea to get some gymnastics equipment for her to use in the house or yard. With a wide variety of tumbling mats, balance beams, and skill shapes, you can choose what she needs to be able to safely and comfortably perfect her skills at home. We Sell Mats has everything she could possibly need: tumbling mats, incline mats, balance beams, cartwheel mats, and personal exercise mats, all made of high-quality Crosslink polyethylene foam and covered with durable and easy-to-clean heavy-duty vinyl. Whether your gymnast is a young tumbler or a soon-to-be elite athlete, she needs a safe place at home to continue to practice what she learns at the gym. Continue reading “Your Home Gymnastics Studio”

Make Their Eyes Bug Out with a Gymnastics Kit

I was recently in a grocery store that has 3/8″ EVA foam mats behind the counter for the comfort of its employees. A little girl was shopping with her mother and mentioned her interest in gymnastics. I pointed out the mats behind the counter and said, “The people who make these mats also make gymnastics mats. Do you have one at home?” Her eyes bugged out of her head. Continue reading “Make Their Eyes Bug Out with a Gymnastics Kit”

Every Parent’s Dream: The Gymnastics Kit

If you’re the kind of parent we think you are, you’re looking for something that will encourage your child’s love of tumbling and gymnastics. That’s why you’re here on our website! And our job is to help you find the perfect gymnastics equipment for the specific needs of your little gymnast. Looks like we were made for each other! Continue reading “Every Parent’s Dream: The Gymnastics Kit”

New Balance Beams and Gymnastics Kits!

We’re absolutely certain that our new balance beams are just what your little tumbler or gymnast would love to have at home. They’re durable but soft, narrow at the top but tapered to a wider, sturdier base, and fold up for easy storage. They’re just what kids need to learn to become comfortable on a competitive beam someday. Continue reading “New Balance Beams and Gymnastics Kits!”