A Business Makeover

When you don’t have an extra mil sitting around the bank account but you want to do something to give your business a facelift, installing some Premium Carpet Topped floor mats or some faux wood grain EVA foam mats is an affordable and eye-catching option. You can install the mats yourself, so you save on installation costs, too. Continue reading “A Business Makeover”

Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam

With temperatures in the nose-hair freezing range in much of the country, you might consider some toasty carpet topped mats to warm your business space up a bit. The mats do actually act like a light layer of insulation, but more than that, they provide the cozy feeling of carpet without the royal pain carpeting in a business can be. Continue reading “Warm Up the Business with EVA Foam”

EVA Foam Is All Business

In a matter of minutes, you can install some EVA foam flooring mats in your business space, whether in retail areas for customers, in office space, or behind check-out counters for the benefit of those well-deserving employees. You’ll improve morale, the comfort of your customers, and even warm up the space a little, depending on the type of mats you choose. And therein lies your problem: there are so many great styles of EVA foam mats to choose from, you’ll probably spend more time deciding which to order than you will actually installing them. Not a bad problem to have! Continue reading “EVA Foam Is All Business”

Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business

Waiting rooms can be some of the most uncomfortable places to be, but with some Premium Carpet-top EVA foam mats, you can enhance your customers’ experience from the ground up. Maybe your office area is in need of a little TLC – warm it up and keep that professional look with the same richly colored EVA foam mats. Giving the business a quick and gorgeous makeover has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Continue reading “Premium Carpet-top Mats for Your Business”

Mats Make Happy Employees

If you’ve ever worked retail, you know the pain of sore feet, joints, and the backache that accompanies them. As a small business owner, you might not be spending a whole lot of time on the floor, but your employees are out there taking a beating every hour of their shift. To keep them comfortable, energized, and doing their best for your business, try installing some EVA foam mats in areas where they spend a lot of time. You won’t believe the difference it can make. Continue reading “Mats Make Happy Employees”

Foam Mats for Business Applications

One of our customers recently reviewed our mats: “I put them in our locker room and the guys love them.” One customer uses them in an airplane hangar for cadets to work out on during rainy days. The business applications of our mats are just about endless. How do you imagine improving your business with EVA foam flooring? Continue reading “Foam Mats for Business Applications”

Improving Business With Wood Grain and Carpet Top Mats

You’ve made improvements to your business to increase activity – maybe changed the lighting so products look better or made a waiting area more comfortable for clients and customers. As a business owner always on the hunt for the next best thing for your business, we would remind you that in addition to your products and services, your customers’ experience in the purchasing event will have a lot to do with how your bottom line looks. Continue reading “Improving Business With Wood Grain and Carpet Top Mats”

Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to make a product or service more attractive. And part of what makes customers choose to buy something is the experience they have in doing so. Displays, lighting, atmosphere, and customer service all play important roles in selling a product, but did you ever stop to consider that the flooring you and your customers are walking on might have something to do with it, too? Continue reading “Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business”