The Red Carpet Treatment

Everybody knows what red carpet is, right? It’s carpet that’s red. Well…more than that, it denotes something special, something important, usually a person. It appears that the first time a special red carpet was ever referenced was in the Greek play, Agememnon, written around 458 BC. King Agememnon comes home from the Trojan war and his wife (who’s got a thing going on the side) welcomes him home on a “crimson path.” He recognizes such luxury as being reserved for the gods and hesitates to use it himself. But it doesn’t matter, because his wife and her lover have conspired to have him killed. Lesson learned: when the wife rolls out the red carpet, RUN! Continue reading “The Red Carpet Treatment”

Top 5 Uses for Carpet Foam Mats

Top Uses of Carpet Foam Mats

Is it strange to feel like our different mats not only have different purposes, but also different… personalities? Our regular EVA Foam Mats are fun-loving and hard-working, and our Martial Arts Mats are stern and competitive. Our Carpet-Top Foam Mats are very level-headed and pragmatic, but sometimes, when it’s quiet in the warehouse, they also feel a little under-appreciated because they don’t come across as exciting and full of possibility as some of their cousins. To that end, we’ve composed a list of the Top 5 Uses for Carpet Foam Mats to lift their spirits and give you some great ideas for how to put these wonderful mats to great use. Enjoy!

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