The Heck is a Cheese Mat?!

Cheese mats, or incline mats, are not made of a creamy dairy product, nor are they good on crackers with a nice cab sauv. Cheese mats do not have Swiss holes in them, nor should they be used to bait mouse traps. See where this is going? They have nothing to do with cheese. But they are shaped like a wedge, so somewhere along the line, someone decided that wedge was a wedge of cheese and the gymnastics apparatus got its bizarre name. But since they’re an integral part of a gymnastics practice, we, of course, have them in stock, and not in the refrigerated section. Continue reading “The Heck is a Cheese Mat?!”

A Special Holiday Kit

Tool kits, sewing kits, First-Aid kits…how about gymnastics kits? Ok, of all those kits, the First-Aid one is probably the most crucial, but who wants to unwrap a First-Aid kit as a gift?! As you think about gifts for the kids and grandkids this year, consider a kit that will make their eyes pop: a gymnastics kit.

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Gymnastics Incline Mats for Home Use

Gymnastics Incline Wedge

If you’re into the gymnastics side of exercising, incline mats (also called “cheese mats”) are ideal for home use. Whether you use them for personal training or for your little gymnast practicing somersaults, We Sell Mats’ incline mats are a great addition to your home gym.

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