Playing for Growth

Toddlers and young children develop and improve gross motor skills mostly through play, and one of the most fun ways of playing is with some fun gymnastics equipment like a tumbling barrel. Or maybe a cheese mat. Or even just a tumbling mat. All three encourage kids to think creatively, be active, and in the meantime, unbeknownst to them, develop crucial motor skills. Continue reading “Playing for Growth”

Incline Mats for Your Young Gymnast

If you have a little tumbler or a budding young gymnast, a sturdy, perfectly sized incline mat may just be the thing they need at home to take them to the next level. And as the summer games approach, their interest in their own performance may be about to explode. What better way to encourage their pursuit of gymnastics than with an apparatus they can use at home to practice their skills safely? Continue reading “Incline Mats for Your Young Gymnast”

Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!

Girls on incline mats

The USA Gymnastics Championships are in full swing! If you have budding gymnasts, they are likely glued to the screen watching the graceful, strong, and athletic performers do almost unbelievable routines. Now is the time to take advantage of your child’s interest in gymnastics and get them on the road to a lifetime of movement and fitness!  Continue reading “Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!”