Floors After Christmas

stepping on a lego brick

How does the play area look in the post-Christmas carnage? About what percentage of LEGO® pieces have you stepped on so far? Know what would make walking through the playroom a lot less agonizing? EVA foam mats. They’re just like LEGO®, only with the torturous piercing sensation of sharp plastic knifing into your foot replaced with comfort, cushion and a general sense that the world is a brighter place. Continue reading “Floors After Christmas”

A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Fitness Christmas Gifts

Alright, so you’ve got someone in your life who’s a budding gymnast, athlete, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast, or just somebody who’s looking to get a little more fit, and you’ve got no idea what to get them for Christmas. You’ve got three guesses what we recommend, and the first two don’t count. Would you believe we’re now selling pants? Didn’t think so. Marinate on this for a moment… what could possibly be a safer Christmas gift than mats? From yoga mats to EVA foam mats, to gymnastics mats, to all other kinds of flooring, they might be an unorthodox gift, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. Nothing says “I love you” quite like what a mat communicates: “I want to keep you from getting injured when you fall,” or “I want your feet to be comfortable in your work or exercise environment.” Continue reading “A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea”

We Sell Mats Christmas Delivery Schedule Released

We Sell Mats Christmas Delivery Schedule

The Christmas shopping rush is in full swing, the delivery gods have been consulted, and fingers are crossed in hopes that any snowmageddon-style blizzards will hold off until AFTER Christmas, which means that the standard and expedited delivery cut-off dates for 2013 have been decided.

Continue reading “We Sell Mats Christmas Delivery Schedule Released”