Gym Flooring That Takes a Beating

gym equipment on floor

One of the unfortunate costs of keeping a gym functioning is maintaining the floor. Machines, high traffic, dropped free weights and high impact movement can cause all kinds of damage. And these are the normal gym activities that do this! How can you keep patrons happy, safe, and impressed by the facilities when the deck is stacked against you? The solution is recycled rubber flooring and it’s so affordable and easy to install, you’ll be including its many wonderful qualities in your next mailer.

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The Best Floors for Gyms

I’m at the gym the other day, and I noticed the floors. Not for the first time, but I really looked closely during this particular workout. The gym has been open for less than a year, and while their efforts at cost control are laudable, even necessary in today’s economy, a gym rat with eyes for flooring comes away wondering if it wouldn’t have been wiser to invest in a more durable floor. Continue reading “The Best Floors for Gyms”

Commercial Rubber Flooring

A lot of our advertising and social media is centered around mats and flooring for the home and other small-scale applications, because we like to build relationships in our business, but did you know we sell commercial tiles for larger areas, both indoor and outdoor as well? They’re made from high-quality recycled rubber, and because they’re designed to cover larger areas, there’s no need for expensive glue. This also means you can easily put them down and take them back up if you ever need to move them. Their interlocking, adhesive-free design affords them the best possible mobility and ease of use, but we also offer it in rolls for the biggest applications. Continue reading “Commercial Rubber Flooring”

Commercial Flooring Options

Safety, safety, safety. If you run a gym or a martial arts studio, you know the mantra. You have to provide a top-quality service with the best equipment in a professional environment. And that environment must communicate safety to your clients or they’ll look somewhere else. We Sell Mats speaks the safety language and we have two highly functional flooring choices to help you make your facility attractive, clean, and safe. Continue reading “Commercial Flooring Options”

The Best Heavy Duty Flooring

Time to bring out the big guns. Yes, it’s commercial flooring day at We Sell Mats – the day we focus on the heavy duty applications of our unbeatable floor tiles. So those of you who own gyms or fitness clubs, the dudes who work 12 hours a day on cars and trucks, and the rest of you who stand from 9-5 for a living? This one’s for you. Continue reading “The Best Heavy Duty Flooring”