The Basics of Our Gymnastics Mats

If you’re new to We Sell Mats, we’d like to introduce you to our fantastic line of gymnastics equipment. You’ll find we have have a wide selection of mats and equipment, including mats for tumbling, cartwheels, and even specialized incline mats for learning flips. No line would be complete without crash pads, and we’ve got those in several durable thicknesses, depending on your needs. We’re here to help you get started in the sport, progress to the next level, or even outfit your gymnastics business. Continue reading “The Basics of Our Gymnastics Mats”

Crash Pads

Interesting tidbit: if you look up the definition of “crash pad” you’ll find very little about gymnastics or martial arts. Crash pad is an informal term for a place to sleep. It’s also a shock-absorbing material used to protect vehicle occupants. Now, tag your search with “gymnastics” or “martial arts” and you’ll get the definition we’re after. Interestingly, in the flooring context, crash pads or crash mats still have some of the components of the original definition. A resting place. Shock-absorption. Protection.  Continue reading “Crash Pads”