Safe Play Spaces at Daycare

We are not too proud to say it: when it comes to a safe play space at the daycare facility, we have the best approach with firm, shock-absorbing EVA foam mats. Supervision is key, but when it comes to those moments when the block-flinging toddler has your attention and the one who’s about to fall off a chair doesn’t, we can provide you with that key to a successful daycare business: a second pair of eyes. Continue reading “Safe Play Spaces at Daycare”

EVA Foam Floors for Daycare Facilities

As a daycare provider, there is no end to the improvements you can make to your facility, and we want to help you become the best daycare provider in your community by helping you choose the best play mats for your space. You have a limited budget to work with, parents to impress, inspections to pass, and on top of it all, you have to make sure the kids are happy in their environment. That’s why we suggest you begin with your “foundation” to create the best space possible. Continue reading “EVA Foam Floors for Daycare Facilities”

Play Area Flooring: Safety and Comfort For All

After you read this blog, hop on over to our Facebook page and take a look at some of comments from parents, daycare providers, and teachers who have used our EVA foam mats for their playrooms and classrooms. Hands down, this is one of the most popular uses of our colorful mats. With our interlocking mats, play areas can become visibly defined and wall-to-wall installation is literally a snap. Continue reading “Play Area Flooring: Safety and Comfort For All”

Meet Demanding Daycare Standards With EVA Play Mats

If you’re a really good working parent, you probably had a hard time choosing a daycare facility for your little ones. You had to find a place that would feel like a second home to your child, one that would be safe, nurturing, entertaining, and educational. That’s a tough bill for a daycare facility to fill, but if they want your business, that’s what they’re up against. Fortunately for you, your child, and the daycare provider, We Sell Mats has a product that makes the whole daycare environment a little safer and more hygienic: EVA flooring mats. Continue reading “Meet Demanding Daycare Standards With EVA Play Mats”

EVA Foam for Daycare, Classroom, and Therapy

Many of our customers are daycare providers or classroom teachers, either in standard classrooms or specialized therapy centers and the thing they have in common is a love of our EVA foam mats on their floors. Your regular daycare facility or classroom is likely built over hard floors, like concrete or tiles of one kind or another. Any parent or teacher will tell you those are part of an equation that equals injury. The solution is to find a flooring system that will cushion the falls, support active play, and clean up easily. That solution is EVA foam mats. Continue reading “EVA Foam for Daycare, Classroom, and Therapy”

Play Areas at Home, School, and Daycare

If you’re looking for creative DIY flooring solutions for a play area, you’ve come to the right place. EVA foam mats for play rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and even daycare facilities and schools are one of our specialties. Play mats can protect your kids and your floors, are easily maintained, are ridiculously affordable, and you can install them yourself in just minutes.  Continue reading “Play Areas at Home, School, and Daycare”

Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year

Daycare flooring takes a beating worse the the turf at the Super Dome. For 10-12 hours a day the floor of your daycare business is spilled on, picked at, has all manner of bodily fluids deposited on it, and is still expected to look pristine the next morning. If you were a floor and that were your job description, you’d probably look for work elsewhere! But our EVA foam mats are up to the challenge. Customer testimonials tell us over and over again that the foam mats make their daycare facilities safer, more attractive, and easier to care for. Continue reading “Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year”

Daycare Floor Solutions

Wiping noses, changing diapers, meeting code requirements, keeping parents happy. Daycare providers have the toughest job in the world. For real. You have to keep the kids happy, entertained, and educated, you have to convince Mom and Dad that you are a nurturing, safe environment, and you have to meet all the codes and tests required by the government on a regular basis. And that’s just your day job.  Continue reading “Daycare Floor Solutions”

Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors

Providing a home away from home for dozens of children is an unbelievable undertaking, and our hat is off to daycare providers everywhere. Building a safe, nurturing, fun, and affordable facility for kids to learn and grow in is a monumental task. Parents have to be satisfied the facility is good enough, kids have to thrive in it, and you as the provider still need to make a buck. We respect your career path and we’re here to help! Continue reading “Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors”