Safe Play Spaces at Daycare

We are not too proud to say it: when it comes to a safe play space at the daycare facility, we have the best approach with firm, shock-absorbing EVA foam mats. Supervision is key, but when it comes to those moments when the block-flinging toddler has your attention and the one who’s about to fall off a chair doesn’t, we can provide you with that key to a successful daycare business: a second pair of eyes. Continue reading “Safe Play Spaces at Daycare”

Need Some Help With Your Kiddos?

EVA foam mats are a common theme when teachers, daycare providers, and therapists talk about things that help in their fields of practice. In classrooms, reading and play areas become more comfortable. In the daycare centers, parents are impressed with the safe environment provided for their kids. And for those who work with special needs children, EVA foam mats can become the foundation for progress and growth. Continue reading “Need Some Help With Your Kiddos?”

Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year

Daycare flooring takes a beating worse the the turf at the Super Dome. For 10-12 hours a day the floor of your daycare business is spilled on, picked at, has all manner of bodily fluids deposited on it, and is still expected to look pristine the next morning. If you were a floor and that were your job description, you’d probably look for work elsewhere! But our EVA foam mats are up to the challenge. Customer testimonials tell us over and over again that the foam mats make their daycare facilities safer, more attractive, and easier to care for. Continue reading “Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year”

Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors

Providing a home away from home for dozens of children is an unbelievable undertaking, and our hat is off to daycare providers everywhere. Building a safe, nurturing, fun, and affordable facility for kids to learn and grow in is a monumental task. Parents have to be satisfied the facility is good enough, kids have to thrive in it, and you as the provider still need to make a buck. We respect your career path and we’re here to help! Continue reading “Simplify Daycare with EVA Floors”

Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting

As a daycare provider in your own home, you know how important it is to offer parents exactly what they’re looking for: a safe, nurturing environment for their children. You have to be the parent-away-from-home, and provide a home-away-from-home that any parent would be happy to have their child raised in. One of the key components to success in this venture is to offer an environment that is appealing not only to parents, but to kids as well.  Continue reading “Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting”

Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

If you’re a parent or a childcare provider, either in your home or a facility, you understand the importance of the surface your kids play and grow on. You know what’s easy to care for, what’s safe, and what’s comfortable and supportive for little feet. Interlocking foam floor mats address these concerns in spades and will even outlast whatever your little ones can throw at them (or spill on them…). Continue reading “Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares”