Play Areas are for the Whole Family

Child playing with grandparent

It is becoming more and more common to see extended families living under the same roof, which makes it increasingly important to keep the kids’ play areas contained and organized. With multiple generations, uncoordinated schedules, and different physical space needs, the modern home is becoming a battleground.  Continue reading “Play Areas are for the Whole Family”

Replace the Kids’ Carpet with EVA Foam Mats

Dad playing with child on floor

Doesn’t matter if it’s in a bedroom or a classroom, on a back porch or in a corner of the kitchen; the surface your kids play on has to be soft and sturdy (otherwise it’s just something else for you to worry about). It should be simple to install, easy to clean, and be able to take anything your kids can dish out.  Continue reading “Replace the Kids’ Carpet with EVA Foam Mats”