DIY Your Cosplay Costume this Halloween with EVA Foam

We all know foam mats make for a great flooring choice, but did you also know it makes for great armor?

Well not exactly, and before you go charging into battle with our EVA Foam Mats you should know that this foam armor isn’t for fighting, but it sure looks like it. Instead, it’s used for lookalike armor made to strut down the floor of your nearest entertainment convention or Halloween party this year.

Channel Your Inner Crafter

Dedicated Cosplay community members also take on the role of thrifty crafters, using every day household objects, craft store finds, and tools found in their garages. For most, Cosplay is an artform where dedicated fans spend months creating and perfecting a wearable masterpiece.

More often than not this means creating the costume from scratch with raw materials, and when it comes to simulating hard surfaces, it doesn’t get much better than We Sell Mats EVA Foam Tiles.

Why EVA Foam?

We Sell Mats EVA Foam is perfect for Cosplayers because it’s cost-effective and one of the most workable materials. Not only is it easy to cut, but it can also be molded to any shape with the use of heat. Similar to wood, EVA foam is porous enough on a microscopic level allowing it to be glued effectively.

Likewise, EVA foam can be sanded and painted to create countless colors and textures. Our EVA Foam Tiles come in a variety of thicknesses including 3/8”; ½”; ¾” and 16 different colors.

Need Inspiration?

Despite EVA foam’s forgiving workability, it can still take years to master the necessary techniques. Luckily for beginners, there is a vast community of Cosplay how-to video creators that can get you up to speed, like our friends Allison and Marlie at @divinecreationcosplay.

From Khaleesi, Night King, Black Widow, Gamora, Thor, or your favorite Star Wars character the possibilities this Halloween for Cosplay Inspiration are limitless, just like your imagination.


P.S. If you use We Sell Mats EVA Foam Tiles for your Cosplay costume this Halloween (or whenever!) be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, so we can see your creation!

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EVA Foam Cosplay

EVA Foam Cosplay

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