Workout Convenience

Convenience is the key to making sure you get your workout done, which is why we offer the best personal exercise mats in different sizes. Having the flexibility to workout at home when the gym isn’t available (or you just don’t feel like suiting up for the trek across town) means you’re more likely to actually do the workout, even if it’s a modified one, and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re sticking with your plan. Continue reading “Workout Convenience”

Home Gyms in Minimal Space

When you really want to work out at home, but don’t have a whole room to designate for the purpose, folding exercise mats can be the solution. They give you the padding and support you need while being compact and easy to store. And they’re easy to care for, which means you’ll have discovered a practical, affordable, and low-maintenance solution to working out in your very own home. Continue reading “Home Gyms in Minimal Space”

Your Very Own Home Gym

It’s a sad truth, but a lot of folks think they can’t afford a home gym because the gym flooring, equipment, and required space would just be too much. We’ve got good news: you can put a workout space in your home in a very small amount of space (you choose the equipment), and the flooring can be durable, shock-absorbing, and affordable. Continue reading “Your Very Own Home Gym”

Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy

Everyone who has ever had to go to the physical therapist knows how painful, yet necessary PT can be, and doing it at home can be a real challenge – unless you happen to have some soft, supportive, and accessible exercise mats to make the hard work bearable. Recovery happens faster if you stick to your PT plan, and having a way to do it at home increases the number of opportunities you have to do it successfully, seven days a week. Continue reading “Exercise Mats for Physical Therapy”

The Best Exercise Mat for Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is about the easiest home workout you can do, especially when you have our fitness mats to back you up. If you are not looking to become the world’s strongest person, but just want to make sure you can go through life healthy and prepared for daily demands, functional fitness can help you do that. Our job is to make sure your functional fitness routine is able to be done at home in safety and with as much comfort as possible. Continue reading “The Best Exercise Mat for Functional Fitness”

Fitness That Only You Can Do

Grab your fitness mats and get ready to do the workout only you can do: body weight training. Well, technically anyone can do it, but no one has your body, with your build, your strengths and weaknesses, and your drive. That’s what makes body weight training so unique. And that’s why having the right exercise mat for the routine is so important.  Continue reading “Fitness That Only You Can Do”

The Best Exercise Mats for Body Weight Workouts

If you’re looking for the cheapest, most effective, and sustainable exercise routine, you’re going to land on body weight routines, just as surely as you’re going to land on one of our folding exercise mats. Watching the exercise trends for the past four years as we have, we can tell you that while fad exercise videos and routines come and go, body weight exercises that have been around forever are likely here to stay, and with good reason. Continue reading “The Best Exercise Mats for Body Weight Workouts”

Fitness Mats for Everything…Really.

You know, fitness mats get a bad rep. They all get lumped into one box (sometimes literally). But there are so many different kinds of fitness mats that serve different purposes. Some are for taking to a class, some are for use at home, heck – some even go under your fitness equipment. So let’s be honest: not all fitness mats are the same. Continue reading “Fitness Mats for Everything…Really.”

No More Excuses

So how’s that new fitness routine working out for ya? It gets pretty easy to postpone a trip to the gym when you’re tired or have more enticing evening plans, doesn’t it? The best way to combat gym-apathy is to bring that gym to you; it’s easy to set up your own home gym with some fitness mats and a few good videos or pieces of fitness equipment. Continue reading “No More Excuses”

What’s Your Fitness Motivator?

Wondering how your fitness goals will be set back before January 1st? Well, one glass of champagne contains about 95 calories. Christmas cookies? About 70 calories – and who stops with just one Christmas cookie?! The hors d’oeuvres that you’re going to pick away at on December 31st? No telling. What is all this consumption going to do to your fitness goals? Well, it isn’t going to help, let’s just say that. Continue reading “What’s Your Fitness Motivator?”