Boost Your Booth

We’ll concede that your trade show booth flooring might not be the first thing people notice when they approach your booth…but it should be!! Ok, maybe your product or service should be the first thing they notice, but having an attractive, color-coordinated, and soft floor beneath your entire operation will be a real hook once it’s installed. Just read some of our customer reviews from businesses people who’ve used them at trade shows. Whether you choose to color coordinate your floor with multi-purpose mats, go for the classy look with some faux wood grain mats, or keep it soft and understated with some carpet top mats, you can’t go wrong with EVA foam as your trade show booth’s floor. Continue reading “Boost Your Booth”

A New Trade Show Staffer: Your Floor

If you’re one of the vendors whose trade show booth I, as a consumer, will be attending this year, what makes you so special that I should make an effort to put your booth on my route? Face it, my time is limited and there’s no way I’m going to get to all the booths I want to see, so convince me that yours is worth my time. How are you going to do that? One suggestion: make me comfortable with a soft, anti-fatigue flooring made of EVA foam. Continue reading “A New Trade Show Staffer: Your Floor”