Exercise and Disease Prevention

They’re almost becoming so common that we disregard them: studies that show how exercise can prevent and even reverse some effects of disease. So shouldn’t we be paying attention when university after university concludes that a commitment to a certain level of fitness usually leads to a longer, healthier life? Continue reading “Exercise and Disease Prevention”

Making Your New Year’s Resolution Easier – with Mats!

happy new year from We Sell Mats

One more big celebration to go in 2014 and then it’s the New Year. And you know what that means – resolutions. However you feel about them, the gym is going to see a lot more activity coming up; are you sure your floors can handle it? Whether you’re running a commercial gym or if you’ve decided you want to set up a personal exercise area in your house, we’ve got the flooring that somebody’s going to take their first steps to success on, and it’s ready to ship to you! Continue reading “Making Your New Year’s Resolution Easier – with Mats!”

A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Fitness Christmas Gifts

Alright, so you’ve got someone in your life who’s a budding gymnast, athlete, personal trainer, yoga enthusiast, or just somebody who’s looking to get a little more fit, and you’ve got no idea what to get them for Christmas. You’ve got three guesses what we recommend, and the first two don’t count. Would you believe we’re now selling pants? Didn’t think so. Marinate on this for a moment… what could possibly be a safer Christmas gift than mats? From yoga mats to EVA foam mats, to gymnastics mats, to all other kinds of flooring, they might be an unorthodox gift, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. Nothing says “I love you” quite like what a mat communicates: “I want to keep you from getting injured when you fall,” or “I want your feet to be comfortable in your work or exercise environment.” Continue reading “A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea”

Use the Force

May the force be with you, and not against you. What you’re really worrying about when you look at fitness mats and flooring for your workout area of choice is force. Force is how all of your workouts happen, force is how you get stronger, but it’s also how you get injured during exercise. That’s why it’s extremely important to address the issue of your body’s downward force into the floor; with the right fitness mat, force from your body’s motion into the floor is comfortably diffused, which is especially necessary if you take a spill doing an extra-active exercise. Continue reading “Use the Force”

There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child

Remember taking the cushions off the couch and adding them to the pile of blankets and towels on the floor so you’d have a nice soft landing spot when you vaulted over the back of the sofa like a real elite athlete? For some of us, that was decades ago, and for others, maybe more like last Friday night, but the point is that most kids need an outlet for tremendous amounts of energy, and at some point, it usually involves tumbling routines in the living room. Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Home to Raise an Active Child”

Martial Arts Floors

Martial Arts Floors

Looking for a simple solution to setting up martial arts floors? We’ve got it! Check out our tatami martial arts mats in thicknesses of 1/2″ and 3/4″! With jigsaw-style interlocking notches, it’s easy to cover a floor with them, and just as easy to pack them back up for transportation. They’re durable, but not unforgiving when a fighter takes a fall on them. Don’t take our word for it, order a free sample so you can examine the way they feel for yourself!

Continue reading “Martial Arts Floors”