Use the Force

May the force be with you, and not against you. What you’re really worrying about when you look at fitness mats and flooring for your workout area of choice is force. Force is how all of your workouts happen, force is how you get stronger, but it’s also how you get injured during exercise. That’s why it’s extremely important to address the issue of your body’s downward force into the floor; with the right fitness mat, force from your body’s motion into the floor is comfortably diffused, which is especially necessary if you take a spill doing an extra-active exercise. Continue reading “Use the Force”

Martial Arts Floor Pads

If you’re thinking about buying martial arts floor pads, there are many important factors to consider. At We Sell Mats, we can tell you everything you need to know about shopping for and selecting your martial arts floor pads and other types of padded fitness flooring.

Before you purchase martial arts floor pads, think about how you intend to use the mats. If you’re training alone, you’ll need significantly less space than you would if you were practicing with a group. A good option for group training is one or more sets of our interlocking martial arts floor pads. However, if you’re practicing individually, you may prefer to purchase single mats rather than packs of six. Before you order the floor pads, measure the area you hope to cover so you can find out exactly how many floor pads you’ll need.

Once you determine how many martial arts floor pads you’ll need, turn to the We Sell Mats website. Although you’ll see other martial arts mats available online, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for mats of inferior quality. At We Sell Mats, we offer premium floor pads with Tatami finish. You’ll get all of the protection and stability you expect for just a fraction of the price!

Speaking of price, it is extremely important to establish your budget before you buy martial arts floor pads, since prices can vary widely from site to site. At We Sell Mats, our floor pads are extremely affordable without sacrificing quality. Our most inexpensive option is the half-inch thick martial arts mat, at only nineteen dollars per pack. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, though, you’ll receive more cushioning with the three-fourths inch thick martial arts mat, priced at thirty dollars per pack. Both mats come in striking colors like red or blue, plus more traditional gray and black.

We love the martial arts floor pads at We Sell Mats, and we know you will, too. In fact, many martial arts and MMA schools use our mats for teaching and training. Ask your local studio where they purchased their mats—it might just be We Sell Mats!

Martial Arts Floor Tiles

Martial Arts Floor Tiles

Martial arts floor tiles make outfitting your gym a snap—literally. Interlocking EVA foam floor mats are easy to install and can be customized to whatever shape you need. When considering flooring options for your martial arts studio, EVA foam martial arts floor tiles should be at the top of your list. Easy installation, painless upkeep, superior grip, and excellent padding make We Sell Mats’s EVA foam flooring mats the best choice for martial arts tiling.

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Weight Loss Floor Exercises

So, you’ve made your weight loss resolutions and you’ve ordered your exercise mats from (you did do that, right?) and you’re chomping at the bit to start those weight loss floor exercises, but you’re still trying to figure out exactly which exercises are going to give you the most return on your time and energy. Well, only you can decide that, but here are some ideas to get you started…

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