Excited for the International Games

Does your young gymnast have a countdown calendar to the upcoming games?  The kids can get pretty excited, especially when their favorite sport is headlined. This is a great time to encourage your child’s love of gymnastics, to tap into all that excitement, and to channel it into some really fun play and practice time. Continue reading “Excited for the International Games”

Tumbling Mats for Cold Days

As cold weather sets in over most of the country, kids are going to need something fun to do indoors and nothing beats some good ol’ rough-housing on our very best-selling tumbling mats. When you can’t bundle them up and send them outside to play, the next-best solution is to keep them active indoors. And that can be hard to do, especially if space is limited. Continue reading “Tumbling Mats for Cold Days”

Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!

Girls on incline mats

The USA Gymnastics Championships are in full swing! If you have budding gymnasts, they are likely glued to the screen watching the graceful, strong, and athletic performers do almost unbelievable routines. Now is the time to take advantage of your child’s interest in gymnastics and get them on the road to a lifetime of movement and fitness!  Continue reading “Incline Mats Are Great Summer Gymnastics Fun!”

Your Basic Tumbling Mat

toddler on tumbling mat

Tumbling mats are simple, basic mats that essentially provide padding between the athlete and the floor. The mats should be thick enough to prevent injury, solid enough to provide stability and balance, easily maintainable, and quickly and easily moved and stored. We Sell Mats has the best tumbling mats available at prices so affordable, you’ll be ordering as soon as you finish reading this blog! Continue reading “Your Basic Tumbling Mat”

A Natural Fit: Kids and Gymnastics

child doing gymnastics

With Spring here, or at least hiding beneath the remaining snow, parents and caregivers can look forward to getting the kids outdoors to play in the very near future. Nothing beats a tree to climb, hoops to shoot, sidewalk chalk art, and late-night games of capture-the-flag. But having a backup plan to outdoor activities is always a good move, and we’ve got a fun, engaging solution: gymnastics! Continue reading “A Natural Fit: Kids and Gymnastics”

Springtime is Time for Gymnastics!

child doing cartwheel outdoors

Spring is here at long last, and it’s not just the gymnastics enthusiasts doing cartwheels, believe us. But for those who are looking for some serious gymnastics gear with which to celebrate the pleasant weather (or release some pent-up frustration with the return of the pollen and allergies), we’ve got what you need. Continue reading “Springtime is Time for Gymnastics!”

Top-of-the-Line Gymnastics Equipment

Gymnast doing a flip.

With Thanksgiving just behind us (and in all likelihood, mountains of food still settling in our stomachs, and leftovers calling our names from the fridge…) gymnastics might not be the first thing on our to-do list, at least not yet, but you can still do a little shopping for the mats you’ll need when you’re ready to get to it! We ship pretty quickly, too – you’ll probably still have turkey in the fridge when they arrive. So go on, have a look at the mats. There are a lot of them, so we’ll give you some ideas to digest alongside the stuffing. Continue reading “Top-of-the-Line Gymnastics Equipment”

How Young is Too Young?

Remember the controversy surrounding the gymnastics competition in the Beijing? The age of some of the gymnasts was contested, alleging that they were too young to be competing. The International Gymnastics Federation raised the minimum age for international competition from 15 to 16 in 1997 citing increasing risks of injury to athletes as routines become more difficult and judging becomes more demanding. Some claim the minimum age requirement should be abolished altogether. Continue reading “How Young is Too Young?”

Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???

Just before school started at the end of this summer, you couldn’t drive 2 blocks without seeing signs for recreation department sports teams: soccer, football, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, and dozens of other activities. And this is all in addition to whatever the schools would be offering. It’s great that our kids are being encouraged to take an early interest in active lifestyles, but as a parent, how do you decide which sport is right for your kid? Continue reading “Pre-K Parkour or Gymnastics – How Do You Decide???”