Gymnastics at Home

Kids never got the memo: the couch is not a vault. The sofa cushions are not crash pads and I don’t care how well you “stuck” that dismount from your bed. No hanging from the towel bars. And if you move the furniture one more time to practice your routine, I’m going to join the circus where it will be less chaotic. But here’s the thing: kids are instinctual creatures, and it is in their nature to be active. So what’s a good parent to do? Continue reading “Gymnastics at Home”

Crash Pads

Interesting tidbit: if you look up the definition of “crash pad” you’ll find very little about gymnastics or martial arts. Crash pad is an informal term for a place to sleep. It’s also a shock-absorbing material used to protect vehicle occupants. Now, tag your search with “gymnastics” or “martial arts” and you’ll get the definition we’re after. Interestingly, in the flooring context, crash pads or crash mats still have some of the components of the original definition. A resting place. Shock-absorption. Protection.  Continue reading “Crash Pads”

Mats for Gymnastics Success

There are two essential keys to success in gymnastics: first, you have to have good gymnastics mats and other gear, and second, you have to have a deep appreciation for puns. If you’re missing either of those, things could get… gymnasty. Seriously though, gymnastics mats are the one thing between you and the hard floor when you’re doing what you do, and you need to be able to rely on them to protect you and to serve their intended function. Football players won’t settle for helmets and protective gear made from sub-par materials, and motorcyclists and professional cyclists will be the first to tell you that a quality helmet can save your life. This is no different – sells only the most durable and effective mats available because we simply don’t believe you should have to pay extra for a product that’s going to totally fulfill your expectations. Continue reading “Mats for Gymnastics Success”

Tumbling and Gymnastics

Tumbling vs. Gymnastics. You’ll see classes for kids offered in both, so what’s the difference? In a nutshell, tumbling falls under the larger umbrella of gymnastics, though it has characteristics that distinguish it from other types of gymnastics. Tumbling involves acrobatic moves like flips, jumps, handsprings, and rolls linked together in a choreographed routine. Gymnastics, on the whole, would include tumbling, but also other disciplines that include all the gymnastic apparatus. So which is best for introducing your child to the sport? Continue reading “Tumbling and Gymnastics”

Take a Tumble…on the Best Gymnastics Mats

When you work hard, you should be able to expect your gear to work as hard as you do – that’s why we sell only the best gymnastics mats around. We know you won’t settle for inferior equipment or an inferior shopping experience, so we don’t settle either. We have an extensive inventory of mats for all gymnastics purposes under the sun, from crash pads, to tumbling mats, to octogons, and more. We’re also proud to carry Nastia Liukin’s signature line of gymnastics equipment – with the seal of approval of one of the greatest gymnasts in Olympic history, this is gear you can rely on. When you need the absolute best, and you need to avoid breaking the bank, we’re here to help. Continue reading “Take a Tumble…on the Best Gymnastics Mats”

Artistic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games

Day Five of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland saw strength, grace, solid execution, and even some royals. The artistic gymnastics competition had just begun when an inconspicuous threesome entered the stands. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined the ranks of gymnastics enthusiasts to cheer on the competitors in the twentieth Commonwealth Games.  Continue reading “Artistic Gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games”

Gymnastics…For Life?

Kids are often encouraged to try lots of different sports and activities as young people, experimenting with different teams and hobbies to see what will stick. As we get older, we realize that activities like parkour or swinging kettlebells are probably not things we’re going to be able to do for very long because of the intense demands these activities place on our bodies. So we learn what we like and what we can do with a certain level of challenge and safety in mind. So should we start the kiddos off with bocce? To quote an old ’80s sitcom immigrant, Balki Bartokomous, “Of course not, don’t be ridicuous!” Continue reading “Gymnastics…For Life?”

Gymnastics Training at Home

In just two very short years, we’ll all gather ’round the televisions and computers to watch incredibly strong, fit athletes compete in the gymnastics competition of 2016 in Rio. What makes these particular athletes such a draw? We’d venture to say it’s their astounding physiques and the unbelievable feats of strength and flexibility they perform in pursuit of their dream: gold. Continue reading “Gymnastics Training at Home”

Gymnastics Incline Mats for Home Use

Gymnastics Incline Wedge

If you’re into the gymnastics side of exercising, incline mats (also called “cheese mats”) are ideal for home use. Whether you use them for personal training or for your little gymnast practicing somersaults, We Sell Mats’ incline mats are a great addition to your home gym.

Continue reading “Gymnastics Incline Mats for Home Use”