Life is a Balancing Act

Balance beams are a great analogy for the life your child will pursue. They represent the struggle between control and impulsiveness, conquering fears or giving in to them, and the, well, balance between challenge and threat. Balance beams can be a way to encourage the active lifestyle your child will need to become a healthy adult, as well as equipping them to learn physical and emotional control, understanding how to analyze a difficult situation, and how to methodically take on something from which they might otherwise run. Never knew a balance beam could be so important, did you?! Continue reading “Life is a Balancing Act”

Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!

Starting your kids off on the glorious journey that is gymnastics is so simple: it all begins with some tumbling mats. From tumbling mats you can lead them on with an incline mat, maybe a balance beam, and even some skill shapes and trainers. Once they discover how much fun tumbling is and how much you encourage it, their path to an active lifestyle is off to a great start! Continue reading “Forget the Landing – Stick the Launch!”

What’s Under the Tree?

To be the best gift-giver ever in your little elves’ eyes this season, you need look no further than our full line of gymnastics equipment. Can you imagine the looks on your young gymnast’s face when she sees a giant cube all wrapped up under the tree? What could it possibly be? Choosing gymnastics equipment as your holiday gift will bring squeals of wonder and excitement from the moment the kids start guessing what it is. Continue reading “What’s Under the Tree?”

What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!

Are you doing cartwheels in the hallway because you’re so excited spring is here and your kids can finally play outside? We wouldn’t blame you. If you want to really motivate them to get outside to get the wiggles out, nothing will do it better than some gymnastics equipment they can use in the backyard. Continue reading “What Season Is It? (Hand)Spring!”

Mad Skills

“I got mad beam skills,” your 5 year-old proudly says to her new gymnastics coach. Wouldn’t that be the coolest? One of those videos that goes viral, ’cause your kid is so adorable? We’ve got what you need to make it happen. We have balance beams for every size kid and every skill level. They’re affordable and won’t monopolize your living space. Too good to be true? Nope. Continue reading “Mad Skills”

Your Home Gymnastics Studio

Given how often your gymnast shows off her moves at home, it would probably be a good idea to get some gymnastics equipment for her to use in the house or yard. With a wide variety of tumbling mats, balance beams, and skill shapes, you can choose what she needs to be able to safely and comfortably perfect her skills at home. We Sell Mats has everything she could possibly need: tumbling mats, incline mats, balance beams, cartwheel mats, and personal exercise mats, all made of high-quality Crosslink polyethylene foam and covered with durable and easy-to-clean heavy-duty vinyl. Whether your gymnast is a young tumbler or a soon-to-be elite athlete, she needs a safe place at home to continue to practice what she learns at the gym. Continue reading “Your Home Gymnastics Studio”

Fun Gymnastics Accessories

To help your young gymnasts achieve their dreams, sometimes they need more than just encouragement. Sometimes they need equipment at home that will extend their practice time in a safe, professional manner. If you take a look at our gymnastics equipment line, you’ll discover we carry many of the “extra” gymnastics apparatus to help you help your gymnast on to bigger and better achievements. Continue reading “Fun Gymnastics Accessories”

Gymnastics Equipment: Used or New?

We Sell Mats is your go-to source for brand new gymnastics equipment at ridiculously affordable prices. When price is the determining factor in purchasing, a used product is usually the way to go. Not true with gymnastics equipment, though! Our prices for new tumbling mats, incline mats, and skill shapes often match or beat the price of used gymnastics equipment. No need to settle for used when you can get high-quality, brand new equipment for the same price! Continue reading “Gymnastics Equipment: Used or New?”

Gymnastics Equipment: Not Another Hoop to Jump Through

If we said the phrases, “jumping through hoops” and “navigating obstacles,” you might think we’re talking about applying for a home loan, or maybe trying to get into college. Unfortunately, those phrases are too often associated with unwelcome difficulties, but one place they’re happily expected is in a gymnastics routine.

Continue reading “Gymnastics Equipment: Not Another Hoop to Jump Through”