The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym

There are so many fitness routines out there that it can be hard to choose the right equipment you’ll need, including your flooring. Is yoga your thing? You’ll need a mat. Do you enjoy BJJ? You’ll need mats. Do you do high-impact workouts at home? You’ll need some seriously shock-absorbent floor mats. No matter what you do in your home gym or workout space, you’re going to need protection and stability from your flooring system to take your mind off potential stress injury and keep it focused on your regimen. Continue reading “The Surest Way to Improve Your Home Gym”

Looking for an Exercise Mat for Your Insanity Workout?

Woman doing mountain climbers

Unfortunately, too many people think a HIIT workout can be done safely on a thin rubber mat, or any surface at all. But the truth is, HIIT workouts like Insanity require the absolute maximum your body can give. Anyone who’s done one of these workouts will tell you that they are incredibly demanding and can be very hard on your body. And if you try to do these on the wrong surface, you’re just asking for trouble. So don’t. Just don’t. There is a better way. Continue reading “Looking for an Exercise Mat for Your Insanity Workout?”

CrossFit and TRX and Foam Mats, Oh My! 2014 Fitness Trends Revealed

Crossfit TRX Foam Mats

At the end of each year, the American College of Sports Medicine publishes its findings about the top trends in personal fitness. These trends reveal what types of training are on the ascent—or decline—and helps both medical professionals and business owners anticipate the fitness goals, strategies, and needs of the market at large. So what personal fitness trends are poised to make waves in 2014?

Continue reading “CrossFit and TRX and Foam Mats, Oh My! 2014 Fitness Trends Revealed”