A Great Idea for Daycare Facilities

daycare kids' snack time

Daycare providers have a hard sell: convince parents their facility is safe, nurturing, and fun all at the same time. They basically have to demonstrate that they would be a perfect “second home.” No small feat, especially in an environment that is itself not always conducive to safety. But to help create the perfect environment, or at least the next best thing, we have one simple solution: start with the floor. It’s the foundation for everything else, and if it’s the right one, kids will be happy and safe, and parents will be secure and comfortable. Continue reading “A Great Idea for Daycare Facilities”

Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting

As a daycare provider in your own home, you know how important it is to offer parents exactly what they’re looking for: a safe, nurturing environment for their children. You have to be the parent-away-from-home, and provide a home-away-from-home that any parent would be happy to have their child raised in. One of the key components to success in this venture is to offer an environment that is appealing not only to parents, but to kids as well.  Continue reading “Foam Mats in the Home Daycare Setting”