The One Thing Your Home Gym Needs

Outfitting your home gym can be costly if you load up on machines and weights, but the one thing that will get you working out faster is a simple fitness mat. The machines and weights can be added as you choose, whether based on affordability or need, but in order to get your home workout up and running as quickly and affordably as possible, a simple padded, foldable fitness mat will provide you with immediate access to a good workout in a small amount of space. Continue reading “The One Thing Your Home Gym Needs”

Home Gyms in Minimal Space

When you really want to work out at home, but don’t have a whole room to designate for the purpose, folding exercise mats can be the solution. They give you the padding and support you need while being compact and easy to store. And they’re easy to care for, which means you’ll have discovered a practical, affordable, and low-maintenance solution to working out in your very own home. Continue reading “Home Gyms in Minimal Space”

More Glory, Less Guilt

Did you know that purchasing some tough, EVA floor mats for your home gym (that maybe you have yet to create) can actually save you from embarrassment? It’s true! How many times have you lamented that you haven’t been to the gym in ___ days? That little confession is always accompanied by a bit of guilt and not a little embarrassment. But you’ve got this: the solution is right in front of you! In an incredibly affordable move, you can begin to build your own home gym, starting with the floor mats that will help ensure a regular routine! Continue reading “More Glory, Less Guilt”

Fitness Mats for You and Your Floors

With two very special kinds of fitness mats, you can get a comfortable workout and protect your floors from those heavy treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight benches. Our personal exercise mats come in any size you need, fold in half and have carrying handles. Our new line of floor protection, Vélotas, is thick enough to protect your floors from that heavy equipment and comes in two lengths so you can get the size that fits your equipment. Continue reading “Fitness Mats for You and Your Floors”

Floors Tailored for Fitness

Ever think about why shoes made for different kinds of fitness activities feel totally different from dress shoes? It’s because sore feet are the worst, and doing exercise without proper support under your feet can drastically exacerbate the problem. It can even impact the shape of the foot in the long term. So why on earth would we assume flooring isn’t a part of that? Most floors just aren’t conducive to good exercise on their own in the same way that you don’t just wear any old shoes when you run a marathon, lift in a strongman competition, or play a sport. So when you set up a space to work out, don’t forget your floor mats. Continue reading “Floors Tailored for Fitness”

A Mat for Every Body: Every Body Needs A Mat!

people engaged in fitness

It’s almost summertime!! You know, that season preceded by a round of intense workouts to get ready for the beach?! While we can’t give you the physique you’ve always dreamed of, we *can* offer you a helpful, comfortable, and affordable way to start getting your summer bod on. Continue reading “A Mat for Every Body: Every Body Needs A Mat!”

Find a Good Home Exercise Routine

A good home exercise routine is the ideal workout scenario for a lot of people – no expensive gym membership, no extra time spent driving someplace else, and all the physical benefits that the local gym can provide. Sound too good to be true? Well, that all depends; there are a lot of considerations to be made if you want to try working out at home. It can be just as effective at suiting your needs as a gym, but make sure you’ve got all the bases covered! You’ll thank yourself when you realize how much easier you’ve made the whole thing on yourself.

Continue reading “Find a Good Home Exercise Routine”

3 Great Home Exercises for Legs

Leg exercises are one of the most important parts of any workout regimen, and they’re among the easiest to do at home. Leg exercises often burn more calories than any other type of exercise because the legs have the largest muscle groups – it takes more energy to move them. So, where should you start? Here are a few leg exercises that just require you and your legs (and a comfortable exercise mat, of course),so they’re easy to do at home, and don’t require a gym membership or shelling out for expensive exercise equipment.

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