The Simple Gym

You may have read our blog posts about home gyms, complete with EVA foam flooring¬†or even commercial-style recycled rubber flooring mats, but what if you don’t have that kind of space for a workout at home? What if you have, well, just the space at the edge of your bed, or between the couch and tv? Can you do a legitimate workout in that amount of space? Yes, you can, and do you know why? Because we sell mats for just that size space. And we wouldn’t sell something that people don’t need! Continue reading “The Simple Gym”

No More Excuses

So how’s that new fitness routine working out for ya? It gets pretty easy to postpone a trip to the gym when you’re tired or have more enticing evening plans, doesn’t it? The best way to combat gym-apathy is to bring that gym to you; it’s easy to set up your own home gym with some fitness mats and a few good videos or pieces of fitness equipment. Continue reading “No More Excuses”