Tumbling Mats Tame Snow Days

It can really be a double-edged sword: the snow day. The kids are deliriously happy to get to stay home from school, and parents (who may have to stay home from work) dread the inevitable moment: “I’m bored!” Let’s face it, they can only play outside for so long, then they’re indoors and feeling confined. We Sell Mats to the snowy rescue! Continue reading “Tumbling Mats Tame Snow Days”

Gymnastics at Home

Kids never got the memo: the couch is not a vault. The sofa cushions are not crash pads and I don’t care how well you “stuck” that dismount from your bed. No hanging from the towel bars. And if you move the furniture one more time to practice your routine, I’m going to join the circus where it will be less chaotic. But here’s the thing: kids are instinctual creatures, and it is in their nature to be active. So what’s a good parent to do? Continue reading “Gymnastics at Home”